2022 4th International Conference on Information Science, Electrical and Automation Engineering(ISEAE 2022)
Welcome Prof. Jianjian Shen, Dalian University of Technology, China to be the TPC!

Welcome Prof. Jianjian Shen, Dalian University of Technology, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Jianjian Shen, Dalian University of Technology, China

Shen Jianjian, PhD of Dalian University of Technology, Professor and Doctoral supervisor of School of Hydraulic Engineering, Dalian University of Technology. His research interest includes generation scheduling optimization, integrated management of multi-energy power plants, electricity market, etc. He has presided more than 10 funds including 3 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China and Special Postdoctoral funding. He completed more than 20 real-world projects from Three Gorges Corporation, East China Grid, China Southern Grid, Yunnan Power Grid, Zhejiang Power Grid, Lancang River Corporation, Wu River Corporation, etc. The developed hydropower operation software systems and power grid energy-saving generation dispatching software systems have been widely used and is the core production system of Yunnan Power Grid and others. He won 3 first provincial/ministerial prizes and 2 second prizes, published more than 100 papers indexed by SCI/EI. There are 15 papers in Chinese Academy of Sciences ranking Q1, 13 papers in Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 26 papers in Proceedings of the CSEE, and 7 papers in Automation of Electric Power Systems. He has 14 authorized invention patents including 5 U.S. patents, and 11 software copyrights the first author. He was awarded as the yearly outstanding contribution expert of Proceedings of the CSEE, and selected as one of Million Talents of Liaoning Province and the Youth Technology Star of Dalian City.

教授,博士生导师,长期致力于发电优化调度、多能互补、电力市场等研究与开发工作。主持国家自然科学基金(3项)、博士后特别资助等纵向课题10余项,完成三峡集团、华东电网、南方电网、云南电网、浙江电网、澜沧江集控、乌江集控等企业委托课题20余项,开发的水电调度系统、电网节能发电调度系统被广泛应用,是云南电网等单位核心生产软件;获省部级一等奖3项、二等奖2项;发表SCI/EI检索论文100余篇,Renew. Sustain. Energy Rev.、Journal of Hydrology、Energy、Renewable Energy等中科院I区期刊论文15篇,国内优秀期刊水利学报13篇、中国电机工程学报26篇、电力系统自动化7篇,排名第一授权发明专利14项(美国专利5项)、软件著作权11项;入选辽宁省百千万人才、大连市青年科技之星,获中国电机工程学报年度突出贡献专家和优秀作者。