2023 5th International Conference on Information Science, Electrical and Automation Engineering
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Welcome Assoc. Prof. Zhengming Gao, Jingchu university of technology, China Invited as Technology Program Committee of ISEAE 2023


Assoc. Prof. Zhengming Gao, Jingchu university of technology, China




Dr. Zheng-Ming Gao is an associate professor with Jingchu University of Technology. He received his D.-Eng. degree in 2010. He retired from military in 2018 and served as a faculty member with School of computer engineering, Jingchu University of Technology. He is now the Member of the Youth Working Committee of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, Chairman of Jingmen Greenby Network Technology Co., Ltd. Since 2018, he has hosted two province/department level foundations and 9 city-hall level projects. He has published more than eighty papers, sixties of them have been indexed in SCI/EI, he also occupied more than 30 patents and 40 software copyrights, he has published seven monographs by now. He is now the leader of the “Research team of machine learning and its applications of Jingchu university of technology”, chairman with an institute of intelligent computation technology, Jingchu university of technology. And he is now focusing on intelligent information technology and development.