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Welcome Prof. A.K.SAXENA, IIT-Roorkee, India to be the TPC!

Prof. A.K.SAXENA, IIT-Roorkee, India

A.K. Saxena  was born at Rampur (U.P.) in India on july 1st, 1950. Dr. Saxena obtained M.Sc. from Agra University in 1969 with third rank in undivided Agra University, M.Sc.(Tech.). from Department of Electronics and Electrical Engg., B.I.T.S. in 1971 with first rank, M.Engg. and Ph.D. from Department of Electronics and Electrical Engg.,UMIST/Sheffield University (UK) in 1975 and 1978, respectively as one of the two Government of India National Scholars. Served CEERI, a sister laboratory of CSIR from 1972-74 working on semiconductor device technology and then served University of Roorkee (Now IIT-Roorkee) as Reader from 1978-88. Since 1988, he served as a Professor in Solid State Electronics till retirement in 2015. He also spent a year with Standard Telecommunication Laboratory (London) working on IIIV compound characterization under pressure. Dr. Saxena is a member of Overseas Advisory Board of IEICE Transactions of Electronics of Japan since 1992. He is also a Fellow, Honorary Editor and Member Editorial Board of IETE, one of the three Fellows in semiconductors from India of Institute of Physics (London) and Chartered Physicist of Institute of Physics (London). The discovery of a level in GaAlAs is christened as 'Saxena's Deep Donor' by Philips Research Laboratory, Eindhoven (Netherlands). He is also a winner of INSA Young Scientist, Roorkee University Khosla Award Gold Medal, Kothari Scientific Research Institute Award and S. K. Mitra Memorial Awards (twice) of IETE. He is also a member of Research Board of Advisors of ABI (USA).He has also been honoured with the title of 'Man of the Year' by ABI (USA) and IBC (UK). He is also an expert member on many National Committees and referee for international journals/conferences. Dr. Saxena has been a Royal Society (London) - INSA visiting fellow and SERC (UK) senior visiting fellow at University of Surrey (UK).He was also awarded visiting fellowship by University of Michigan (USA). He has published more than 250 research papers in international journals and conference proceedings with very high citation/h/i indexes index. He has also been Investigator-in-charge of several projects from DST, INSA, CSIR, UGC, etc. He also received financial assistance from NTT (Japan),IMT (Romania),DST, INSA, AICTE, DOE, UP Govt., Ministry of Education & Social Welfare and UOR/IIT for attending conferences abroad. Some of his research work has been included in books published from USA and Germany. His biography has been published in a large numbers of publications from U.K., U.S.A., Malaysia and India. Dr. Saxena has supervised many Ph.D./M.E./M.Tech./M.Phil. theses in the area of VLSI design, metal-semiconductor ohmic and non-ohmic contacts, band structure and deep energy levels of GaAs, GaAlAs, GaP, InP, etc and quantum wells under pressure. He has also written AICTE sponsored nine volumes on the related subjects for working professionals. Since long,  he is serving as Chairman  of NBA/AICTE/NPIU accreditation/Mentor/ Performance  Audit  visiting teams.