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Welcome Prof. Shiheng Liang, Hubei University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Shiheng Liang, Hubei University, China

梁世恒2008年本科毕业于兰州大学,2014年博士毕业于中国科学院物理研究所。曾先后在美国佐治亚大学、法国国家科学研究中心、新加坡国立大学从事科学研究工作。2017年加入湖北大学组建自旋电子学研究团队。目前主持科研项目4项(在研),先后获批湖北省“百人计划”、湖北省“楚天学者”特聘教授人才计划,现为中国青年科技工作者协会/信息与电子专业委员会成员。近5年来已在Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Physical Review Applied等国际学术期刊发表五十余篇学术论文。目前获得中国国家发明专利授权三项,参与了科学出版社《自旋电子学导论》学术章节的撰写。2019年获得湖北省团委“全省新时代向上向善好青年(创新创业类)”荣誉称号。
Dr. Shiheng Liang graduated from Lanzhou University in 2008 and obtained PhD from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014, where he worked on Spintronics. He has worked at University of Georgia(USA) as post-doctor during 03/2014~02/2015, and at CNRS&Lorraine Université(France) as post-doctor during 03/2014~06/2007. Now he is a full-professor in Hubei University. His research interest includes Spintronics, Spin hall effect, Spin orbital torque, and Spin injection and detection in devices.