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Welcome Prof. Xiaoqiang Yan, University of Science & Technology Beijing, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Xiaoqiang Yan, University of Science & Technology Beijing, China
Professor Yan Xiaoqiang / doctoral supervisor, is the leader of the academic echelon of "equipment behavior online monitoring and vibration suppression intelligent control" of Beijing University of science and technology. He is mainly engaged in the research work in the fields of "multi state coupling vibration mechanism research and vibration suppression control in the electromechanical hydraulic field of rolling mill", "remote online monitoring and intelligent control of equipment behavior" and "high temperature strain telemetry technology". He has undertaken more than 150 scientific research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, military industry and factory Association, and won 25 provincial and ministerial level science and technology progress awards, including 1-3 provincial and ministerial level science and technology award. In 2006, he won the China Metallurgical Youth Science and technology award, owned 12 national patents, published more than 128 papers, and trained 122 doctoral and postgraduate students.

闫晓强教授/博导,系北京科技大学“设备行为在线监测及抑振智能控制”学术梯队负责人,主要从事“轧机机电液界多态耦合振动机制研究及抑振控制”、“设备行为远程在线监测与智能控制”和“高温应变遥测技术”等方向的科研工作。曾承担国家、省部级、军工和厂协科研项目 150 余项,获得省部级科技进步奖 1-3 等25 项,2006 年获中国冶金青年科技奖,拥有国家专利 12 项,发表论文 128 余篇,培养博士和硕士研究生 122 人。